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VERMOUTH CHAPPÓ elaborated following faithfully a deeply-rooted ancestral tradition from the region of Maresme. Since mid-nineteenth century, the first generation started to elaborate their own vermouth, following the current trends from Italy.

Masnou. In 1880 and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea the facility inaugurated where currently following the same process produced this excellent vermouth that gets the essence of that moment, when it introduced the Universal Exhibition Barcelona 1888 getting the gold medal.

Today, it continues with the same traditional elaboration for over five generations using grapes of de region.

History: The vermouth, a descendant of aromatized wines, it is been known for its medicinal properties since antiquity. In the middle Ages, the importation of spices led into the development of a new preparation in Venice, but it was not until the seventeenth century when it appeared in Piedmont. The invention of a new vermouth is attributed to Giuseppe Antonio Benedetto Carpano, particularly in Turin in 1786. The tradition continues nowadays, in the XXI century.

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