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TASTING NOTES: Golden-amber colour; finely balanced; wuith notes green walnut shell; licorice, thyme and savory.
APPLICATIONS: Designed as an excellent appetizer's companion, tastes the best before meals. Especially aimed at the professional sector of the Hotel and Restaurant, vermouth CHAPPÓ offers many possibilities in cocktails and in cooking, since it is also used in delicious and succulent recipes.

FEATURES: Excellent Vermouth Dorado contains particular nuances from which carefully selected aromas emanate. The most demanding palates may be delighted by the generous and pleasant bouquet of this vermouth. Far from being sweet, the vermouth in hand gives a nice taste on the palate with a little drier post.

BENEFITS: Some well known properties of vermouth is that it stimulates appetite and it also helps to promote good digestion. One of its ingredients, called Genciana, gives the typical gentian bitter taste of vermouth, and it is an efficient remedy to tone and invigorate the stomach nerves. Fighting muscle weakness, chlorosis, scrofula, rickets, scurvy, diarrhea, flatulence, poor appetite, fever, syncope and atonic dropsy, gout and arthritic but especially used against intestinal worms.

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